In these days of super-involved parents (some call them “helicopter parents”), there are more play dates, sleepovers, and carpooling than ever. But as you host your child’s friend(s), be aware of your potential liability. In a recent survey conducted a survey of parents with children aged five to 12 years uncovered some very telling facts.

While 83 percent of parents surveyed said they drive and/or host other children in their home, about one-third neglect to enforce basic home safety rules, and more than three-quarters (79 percent) admit to distracted behaviors while driving other children – from talking on the phone to speeding.

Some parents are simply unaware of certain liabilities. For example, car seat regulations must be followed for every child riding in the car. It doesn’t matter if you are just driving “down the street.” When you have children over, are you familiar with any food allergies? Is your pool securely fenced in? Are all chemicals safely stored away from little hands? You obviously know your own children and their behaviors, but it is important that you are aware of every kid in the car or house. If your child is being looked after by someone else, it is equally important that information (and a proper car seat) is passed along, too.

In order to protect your family and those in your care, understand your coverage when driving or hosting children in your home. Without the proper coverage, parents could face potential legal costs or financial consequences resulting from accidents or other unfortunate incidents.