We are all well aware that El Niño is bearing down on us with rain storms that could reach biblical proportions. We have made sure our homes are well-covered for whatever water damage may occur (at least you should have). But what about your vehicle? Remember the hundreds of unlucky drivers caught in the flash flood that happened out in the desert a few months ago?  What if your street flooded, or you were caught somewhere and couldn’t escape the rush of water? Would your vehicle be covered when you made a claim?

The only insurance that covers flood damage to a vehicle is comprehensive. Often packaged with collision insurance, comprehensive covers a multitude of events, including Deer Accidents (one of the most common comprehensive claims), Hail Damage, Fire Damage (whether the fire was engine related or human-related), Stolen Car (after 30 days), Vandalism, Tree Falling on Your Car (often the only way your car will be covered), and Flood Damage (regardless of what caused the flood).

If your vehicle is affected by a flood, it is essential that you call the claim in immediately. Time is important with flood damage claims, especially if it was caused be a catastrophic event. Also get the vehicle dried out as soon as possible. The sooner your vehicle gets dried out the better your chances of avoiding a total loss situation. Be sure to contact the appropriate professionals to dry your vehicle.

It is always your best bet to consult with your insurance professional to make sure you have all the proper coverages before you need them.