According to reports, there were plenty of new electronic devices sold over the holidays, ditto for jewelry, motor vehicles, and watercraft. Add it any new artwork purchased and gifted and that makes for plenty of new items to be added to insurance policies. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your homeowners, renters or auto insurance policy will cover your new additions, because they probably won’t.

Electronics like new iPads and smart phones don’t need to be added to your policy, but that new 80” hi-def television with surround sound may need to be. You probably don’t believe your awesome new Jet-ski is covered under your auto policy. It’s a good thing, too, because it needs watercraft coverage. Did you give yourself a holiday present of a super-deluxe computer setup (because you were good this year)? You may want to add it to your homeowners or renters policy.

An annual review of all your insurance policies is an excellent idea, and there is no time like the present. Jot down all relevant serial numbers and take video/photos of everything you feel is of value. Also make sure to get appraisals of any collections you may have, as well as any antiques.

The best move is to sit down with your insurance professional to see that your new goodies are protected. Be sure to note the serial numbers and take lot of pictures for your home inventory. Save all receipts, too. You’re just starting to enjoy all of your holiday booty. Make sure you’ll be doing just that for a long time.