You figure your homeowners insurance will cover everything that can happen to your home. Then you find out that there are certain damages that aren’t part of your coverage, usually after the fact. Have you thought about what would happen (financially speaking) if a tree fell on your house?

For the most part, a standard homeowners policy will cover damage caused by a tree. This is not limited to your main residence and would include a detached garage, a guest house, shed, or anything that is not specifically excluded in your policy. This includes any contents as well. The tree can be felled by natural Disaster (windstorm, lightning, etc), but if your tree came down due to neglect, that may not be covered.

Whether you own the tree or not doesn’t matter as far as filing a claim goes. Especially in cases of a windstorm where branches, bushes and whole trees can be projected from great distances, ownership isn’t something that could be readily assessed.

Of course, if the tree was located on your neighbor’s property, your insurance company may attempt to collect from your neighbor’s insurance company, especially if the tree fell due to poor maintenance. You may be reimbursed for any deductible. If a tree fell on your property but did not damage anything, it is unlikely you will receive anything to pay from removal. Exceptions could be if it is blocking your driveway or some other egress.

Naturally, any questions about insurance coverage, homeowners or any other policy, are best answered by your insurance professional. Make an appointment to make sure you are up to speed on all your insurance protections.