Try to avoid water damage to your home by following a few easy steps.

Insurance company statistics show that water and flood damages to homes are one of the biggest causes of claims. Some damages, such as those caused by flooding may be unavoidable but there are many situations that can be avoided. By making sure certain things are addressed, you can potentially avoid water damages altogether. Here are some things to look at that may help.

Rain gutters are a good thing to have but you’re way better off if you keep them clean. A clogged gutter will send cascades of water down the side of your house, damaging your siding and foundation. Cleaning gutters can be a no-cost DIY job, or you can hire a pro for $50 to $250, depending on the size and height of your home. It can be money or time well spent.

If you do spot a leak, take care of it. Persistent leaks lead to mold and mildew, rot, and even termites and carpenter ants (they like chewing soggy wood, since it’s soft). Yet if you fix a leak soon after it starts, there may be no long-term damage at all.

While you’re looking into leaks, take a look at your sprinklers if you have them. Be sure sprinklers and irrigation systems are not damaging the walls and foundations of the house; turn off and drain outside faucets to protect against frozen pipes.

Don’t forget to check your showers, sinks and tubs. Make sure the caulking around your shower’s, sinks and tubs are watertight. If you see cracks in the caulk, replace it. Caulk is very inexpensive and can prevent water from seeping into your floor.

These simple steps can possibly save you tons of money and time in the long run. It just takes getting up and doing it, but when you do, you’ll be happy you did.