Modern technology may soon do away with the need life insurance medical exams.

For people who choose to purchase life insurance one of the most dreaded steps is often the medical exams that are required when applying for that coverage.  Well the good news is that because of all the advances in technology it may soon not be a requirement any longer. It may do away with the need for blood or urine samples, weigh ins and blood pressure checks.

The primary reason is because of the proliferation of information. Insurance companies can now quickly gather information and can learn a great deal of information quickly and easily by way of other sources of data. It is now possible that access to an individual’s regular prescriptions and his or her motor vehicle record offer a wealth of specifics. By entering that data into the right algorithms insurers can rapidly formulate a usable life expectancy.

Information databases are constantly growing and with detailed analysis are making it possible to skip over the medical testing without sacrificing the quality of the life expectancy calculations. Some analysts are predicting that the need for medical exams will probably go away within the next ten years. This would make it possible for applicants with improved health and youth to be able to qualify for term life coverage of up to $1 million without the necessity for a medical exam. This means a young and healthy applicant has the potential to obtain a policy within a few moments of submitting his or her application.

It is a foreseeable scenario that in the near future a person wanting to take out a life insurance policy will be able to do so with a simple office visit and answering a few questions. From there, an automated system would apply algorithms to decide on qualification and premiums, without the need for a life insurance medical exam.