Every day that passes is a day closer to driverless cars and with all that we hear about the way we commute, little is heard about some other big changes the they will cause. There are many industries that will be affected, after all the driverless car is, a complete evolution of the way we will get around in the future. Here are some of the ways this new way of getting around will impact some industries.

The insurance industry will certainly change. With human error being reported as being the biggest cause of road accidents, what will be taking the “human” out of the equation mean? It’s difficult to see how insurance rates would not have to drop. But is yet to be seen if these cars will be as safe as the are expected to be. If just one autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash that is found to have been caused by the computer, things will change. If the manufacturers are forced to pay, that cost will most likely be passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices.

Companies like Uber, Google and Tesla have taken the lead in the driverless car market. These giant companies will drive the market for millions of vehicles and they will most likely not be dealing with car dealers.

The age of the oil companies may soon be coming to an end. Moving from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric cars means gasoline will have an even lesser role to play in transportation in the near future.

Finally comes the drivers themselves. It will be some time yet before driverless cars will be completely driver-less, they will still require a human as a driving supervisor. The former driver will have to learn to accept his role as an observing passenger who should be prepared to take over when necessary.