Time for tailgate parties, here are some ways to make sure your party is a success.

It’s fall and its football season, and along with that comes tailgate parties. There’s nothing like getting together in the parking lot before the big game for a little barbecue, a cold drink and fun with friends and family.

In some places, the tailgate party is part of the tradition and as much a part of the game as anything else. Some people look forward to tailgate parties like they do any holiday. They spend hours planning what to bring, preparing the food and drinks ahead of time, preparing the car. All that fuss done to ensure that the tailgate party lives up to all that it should be.

Along with the obvious things to make sure you have, here are some things you can do before your party to make it’s safe and enjoyable.

· Make sure you have plenty of ice to keep any raw meat on ice to prevent food poisoning.

· Take a fire extinguisher, just in case that grill gets away from you. Better safe than sorry.

· Don’t forget a first aid kit. It’s not just for you, you may need to help someone else.

Now that you’ve had your party, here are some more tips to make sure everything ends well.

· Just get rid of the leftovers. Leftovers seem like a good idea after the game but they can be dangerous.

· If you used charcoal, make sure to cool the coals properly before putting them anyplace else.

· Before moving your car, make sure you look around for bottles or cans. Nothing worse than a flat tire to ruin your day.

Tailgate parties are a great tradition and a fun pastime. Make sure they are always safe. If any quests have been drinking alcohol, make sure they don’t get behind the wheel. It’s easy to assume your sober with all the excitement, just remember to be safe.