People insure almost anything, including body parts. Here are some famous insured body parts.

If you own a car, most states require that it be insured. If you buy a house, homeowner’s insurance is just something you must have. These are some of the more common things that people insure every day. There are some people however who, for whatever reasons feel that they should insure some things that the rest of us would think are strange. Here are some examples.

Most of us can remember the rock band “Kiss” with their elaborate stage costumes. Gene Simmons whose character, “The Demon” made a spectacle of himself by dangling his abnormally long tongue around while performing became a staple at their concerts. For this reason, Gene felt it was necessary to insure his huge tongue for $1 million.

Another well-known musician, Keith Richards, rhythm guitarist and founding member of the world-famous Rolling Stones considered his middle finger responsible for the 200 million albums sold worldwide. It was only logical for him to insure said finger for $1.6 million.

Ask anybody in England what they most like about famous British comedian Kenneth Arthur Dodd and they’ll tell you without hesitation, his buckteeth. The frizzy hair and buckteeth became such a trademark for him that he felt compelled to insure his teeth for $7.4 million.

Unless you’re really into fancy food, you probably don’t know who Egon Ronay is. Mr. Ronay is well known hotel and restaurant critic in Brittan and Ireland who wrote and published a famous series of Guides to British and Irish restaurant and hotels. Well he had his taste buds insured for $375,000.

Tom Jones was a big male sex symbol back a few years ago. For those who remember he was well known for wearing tight pants and dancing around suggestively during his performances. In what has been declared as a rumor, Mr. Jones was said to have insured his chest hair for $7 million.

Think you have something worth insuring but you’re afraid some might find it strange? Well just remember these and then think about it.