Try these tips to help you keep your home safe from electrical fires.

Fire is probably the most dangerous and unpredictable hazard we face. Fire can very quickly put you and everything you own at risk. Unfortunately, fire safety in the home is something that is often neglected. Most people don’t give a house fire much thought until it happens. Try being a little proactive to protect your property and family by following some of these electrical fire safety tips.

To start with you should make sure that your appliances are safe. Ensure that any appliance you purchase is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or another reputable consumer laboratory.

If possible, unplug all unused appliances and stow the cords out of reach of pets and children. Some appliances such as clocks, televisions, and computer monitors generate heat so make sure to keep flammable material away from them.

For obvious reasons, keep all electrical appliances away from water. Watch for overhead vents that could drip onto appliances.

Keep clothes, curtains and toys away from any space heaters, radiators or other heat sources.

When dealing with electrical appliances make sure the power cords are in good shape. Any appliance with a frayed, cracked or kinked power cord should be discarded. Better to be safe than sorry.

Power outlets can be a source of shock or fire. Try using cover plates on unused outlets. Be careful not to overload outlets with multiple adapters or power strips.

People don’t often give much thought to light bulbs but they can cause problems. If you use a higher wattage bulb than what is called for on a fixture, it can cause the fixture to overheat. Loose bulbs can also cause sparks or shorts.

In most cases fire safety is a matter of common sense. Take the time to look for possible problem areas and read the manuals that come with your electrical appliances. Get used to practicing fire safety at home.