Not all states have the same car laws. Here are some interesting things about California laws.

Every state has similar laws when it comes to cars and safety. But sometimes laws can differ slightly from state to state, what applies in one state doesn’t in another. For car insurance there are differences from state to state. Here are some facts about the civil code in California and how it applies to car insurance.

You can be covered for a lot of things If you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, but pain and suffering isn’t one of them. Your car may get car repaired or replaced, and your medical bills may be payed, but if you’re looking to get compensated for things like pain and suffering, you may be out of luck. Under the California Civil Code Section 3333.4 uninsured drivers are not permitted to collect on any non-monetary damages except under very special circumstances.

There is a time limit if you want to file a suit related to an accident you had. According to California’s Code of Civil Procedure, you only have two years from the date of the accident to file any bodily injury suit against the other involved party or parties. Two years may seem like a long time but the clock starts ticking the day of the accident and days tend to fly by.

It may seem obvious but some people still aren’t aware, or don’t care that if they give alcohol to a person who is not of legal drinking age and they are later involved in a car accident, the person who gave the alcohol may be held liable. Under Civil Code Section 1714, it is a willful act of negligence to give alcohol to minors, and offenders will be prosecuted accordingly.

Be aware of when your car door is open. The California Vehicle Code states that you can only leave your door open for as long as it takes to get in in out of the vehicle. So next time you’re parked along the roadside, make sure your doors are closed at all times.