Your garage isn’t always the best place to keep some of these things.

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of stuff. Maybe they have sentimental value, or you feel that you will end up needing what ever it is at some time in the future. There are things like Christmas lights that are seasonal and must be stored most of the year. A rented storage unit can be the answer, but some people either can’t afford to rent storage space, or they just don’t want to store things away from the house. Its gotten to where nearly one in four Americans can’t even fit their car in the garage.

If you want to store a lot of unused items in your garage that’s your business, it’s a free country. You should really pay attention the what it is you’re storing though, there are some things that may cause problems when stored in the garage. Some things may get damaged, attract pest or potentially be a health hazard.

Propane tanks are one example of something you shouldn’t store in the garage. Propane tanks should never be left in enclosed spaces in case there’s a leak. A slowly leaking propane tank can form an explosive gas cloud and be set off by any number of things in a garage.

Furniture may seem like something you can safely store in your garage but there are some reasons not to. Aside from fabrics and cushions not doing well in a garage environment, sofas and cushioned chairs can become a perfect home for rodents.

Storing extra paint or cleaning products in your garage may create a fire hazard. The garage seems like the ideal place to keep these things but there are also things in the garage that run on gas like driers or your hot water heater that could potentially start a fire. Flammable chemicals like old paint or cleaning solvents could easily help spread a fire.

So, next time you want to store something in your garage, think about it and make sure its safe to do so.