It’s inevitable that everyone who drives will at some point have to drive in the rain. Driving in the rain comes with its own set of dangers. The slick roads and reduced vision make driving in the rain a special challenge. Any advantage you can get to make driving in the rain safer should be taken seriously. Here are some things to remember next time you find yourself driving in the rain.

Hydroplaning can occur virtually any time when it’s raining but it’s even more likely during the first ten minutes of light rain. This is because the first rain mixes with the oils and residues that collect on the road. The best way to avoid the hydroplaning hazard is to slow down. Speed is always a dangerous thing that becomes many times more dangerous when it’s raining.

If it begins to rain so hard the it becomes dangerous, don’t be afraid to get off the road and wait it out. There’s nothing wrong with pulling into a shopping center parking lot or gas station until the rain lets up a little. Better to be a little late than have bad accident or get stranded on a flooded street.

Turn your headlights on when it’s raining. It’s typically darker when it’s raining and turning your headlights on will help you see better and make it easier for other drivers to see you. Also make sure you don’t have your hazard lights on during a rain storm, not only is it illegal in some states but they can cause confusion among other drivers.

Next time you get caught driving in the rain remember to do these things. Driving in the rain can be dangerous, but it can be made safer by simply paying greater attention and being extra careful. If you just use common sense you should be fine.