Your car is one of your biggest investments and you should take care of it. Car care can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition, so a lot of people tend to neglect keeping their car looking its best. Well now there are some simple and inexpensive tricks you can use to make car care a lot easier and inexpensive.

You know how on most new cars the headlights end up getting a dull film on them over time? Well here’s a way to clean them that is both easy and cheap. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights. All you do is rub ¼ teaspoon of paste onto the headlight and buff with a cloth until the sticky residue is gone. The headlights will stay nice and clear after that.

Ever try removing pet hair from your upholstery? It’s not that easy, even with a vacuum cleaner or sticky tape roller. Instead, try using a rubber clove to do the job. Rub the rubber over the affected area until the hair forms into clumps, then it’s easier to remove.

You can use an iron and paper bag to remove crayon stains from your upholstery. Just cut the paper bag so that it’s just one piece. Place the paper onto the stain and use the iron set on high with no steam placed on top of the paper to the stain below. The waxy crayon stain will melt and be soaked up into the paper. Keep repeating until the stain is gone.

If you have windshield wipers that are leaving streaks, don’t go out and buy new ones without first trying alcohol. Just soak a rag in alcohol and run the rag the length of the wiper. That should clean the residue that is causing the wiper to streak.

Try some of these tricks to save some money and time.