It can cost you quite a bit if you drive a car without insurance in California.

Almost everyone that drives a car has insurance and in most places it’s the law to do so. But there is a group of drivers that for one reason or another don’t have auto insurance and choose to drive regardless. It’s a gamble to drive without car insurance and if you lose that gamble it can cost you quite a bit. 

In California there are penalties if you are caught driving without insurance. Although California is considered to be on the easy side when it comes to penalties for uninsured drivers, the costs are still something most people would rather avoid. In California, if you are caught operating a vehicle without a valid insurance or a self-insurance certificate you will be fined anywhere from $100 to $200 on the first offence, get caught a second time and the fine goes from $200 to $500. There is also the chance that your vehicle may be impounded and towed away. If your vehicle is impounded, you won’t be able to get it back until obtain insurance and pay any towing and storage fees. That $100 fine could turn into quite a bit more by the time it’s all done. 

Getting caught driving without car insurance is one thing, but if you’re involved in an accident it’s a whole different ball game. No one wants to be involved in a car accident but if it happenes and you’re not insured there will be problems. For one thing, your license will be suspended, possibly for up to four years and it doesn’t matter who’s fault the accident was. If you want your license back, you can get it after one year once you have insurance. Not only will be required the show proof of insurance, but you will need to carry an additional high-cost SR-22 insurance policy on top of your regular one. 

Driving while not insured may save you money but the risk is to great. Be smart and get insurance before you decide to operate a motor vehicle in California.