Summer will soon be here, make sure all your RV’s have good insurance coverage.

With spring in full swing it’s only a matter of time before summer is upon us once again. Summer is a fun time for most people, it’s a time for vacations and going on family outings. Camping, the river and beach are just a few of the things people enjoy during the summer months. Like anything, it pays to be prepared for summer, time to make sure all the equipment and recreational vehicles are ready. It’s also a good time to make sure all those vehicles have adequate insurance. 

Some things like boats can be included with your homeowner’s policy but you fist must make sure your boat meets the criteria. Does your boat have a motor? If it does, chances are it will be excluded from your homeowner’s policy. For a boat with a motor you need boat insurance. With boat insurance you’ll have coverage for the hull, motor and the trailer you haul it with. What if someone gets hurt on your boat? With boat insurance you’ll be covered for that too. 

It’s much the same for other RV’s like motorhomes and motorcycles. Each of those types pf vehicles have their own kinds of risks and so there are special kinds of insurance policies available to address those risks. You can also get extra coverage for things like spare parts, road side assistance and even trip interruption. Whatever your summer plans include, if there’s a vehicle involved it’s always the best idea to have good insurance coverage on it.  

Summer is a time of vacations and to get out and enjoy some time off. Nothing can ruin a good time like an unexpected problem or accident with one of your vacation vehicles. Why take a chance and go without being secure? Make sure you have the right insurance for your summer toys and enjoy.