You may be interested in knowing what auto insurance companies don’t tell you.

Buying car insurance is a straight forward process. You know how much you’re covered for, and you know how much you have to pay for that coverage. But there are more things than meets the eye when it comes to auto insurance. There are things insurance companies do that you might be interested in knowing about.

Most people aren’t aware that an individual’s education level can influence how much they pay for insurance. It doesn’t matter what the field of study is, what matters is the level attained. A person with a high school education will pay more than a person with a bachelor’s degree, and a person with a master’s degree will pay less than the person with a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes getting a higher education has its extra benefits.

Insurance companies are businesses whose main purpose is to make money, that’s no surprise. Because of this it is in your best interest to make sure you understand any contracts you sign with an insurance company. They aren’t looking to rip you off, but they are looking out for their best interest before yours. Just something to keep in mind.

Any insurance company will run extensive checks on you before they do business. Everything form your driving record, to your status regarding homeownership will be checked thoroughly.

Most people don’t know what their cars ISO rating is. Insurance companies use a vehicles ISO rating to learn about a cars safety rating, model and make among other things. A car with higher ISO rating is a higher risk to insure and that means a higher premium. Now that you know, you can shop for cars with lower ISO ratings.

It’s just interesting to know that not all traffic tickets will lead to higher insurance. Non-moving violations like parking tickets will not cost you anything as far higher insurance costs.