Healthcare reform continues to be a popular subject for most Americans who are reliant on medical services. Although opinions vary greatly, there are some points on which most Americans can agree. 

Most Americans Back Pre-Existing Condition Protections. According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents say it’s “very important” to retain the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

For the poll, 1,492 adults were asked if they thought insurance companies should deny coverage to someone because of their medical history or if those with pre-existing medical conditions should be forced to pay higher premiums. As it stands today, the ACA prohibits insurance companies from using these practices. There is some concern however because of recent statements by the Trump administration who in a legal challenge, recently said it would not defend these provisions. 

Eighty-eight percent of Democrats, 58 percent of Republicans, and 77 percent of independents responded that it is “very important” that insurance companies cannot deny coverage because of a person’s medical history. 

Similarly, 85 percent of Democrats, 58 percent of Republicans, and 70 percent of independents, responded that it is “very important” that health insurance companies cannot charge sick people more. 

In related news there has been some movement among smaller insurance companies who say they are planning to increase their presence on the Affordable Care Act marketplace in 2019. This comes despite a recent decline in ACA carriers across the country. As if to highlight these statements, last week, Oscar Health announced its growth into three states and three new markets in existing states. Now, Bright Health has determined it will expand into Tennessee, and Presbyterian Healthcare is returning to the ACA marketplace to sell plans in New Mexico.   

Healthcare is an issue the resonates with most Americans in one way or another and we are sure to see more changes as time passes.