Your flood insurance may not cover everything If your home is in a flood

In many areas of the country, floods are a big concern and recent events have shown that there is good reason for it. Flood insurance is good to include in any home insurance policy. If you have flood insurance, your home will be rebuilt or repaired should a flood event occur. There are however certain things that may not be included and may not be covered in any flood damage claim. 

Unless it is spelled out on your policy, plants outside your home will probably not be covered if they are destroyed or later die as the result of a flood. In some special cases some types of plants may be covered but again, that would be something spelled out in the policy. 

Although the cost of sandbags isn’t usually covered in a policy, it shouldn’t be a problem as most flood areas are often provided with free sandbags during potential or actual flood events. 

It’s always a good idea to keep shoes off the floor in a dry place when not being worn. In a flood, your shoes will most likely not be replaced by the insurance company. If there’s a flood, chances are your shoes and those of your family will be ruined. Replacing shoes can be costly so make it a habit to store unused shoes off the floor in case something happens. 

Things in outside storage sheds they may not be replaced if they get damaged or destroyed in a flood. Try not to keep expensive items in outside sheds. 

Dealing with pets and other animals is something that is often overlooked when making disaster plans. Animals and pets are also in peril when a disaster like a flood occurs and can remain threatened in the aftermath. This is something to think about before anything happens when it may be too late.  

Talk to your insurance agent and ask the questions. There may be options available that can help compensate for some of the coverage gaps in your flood insurance.