What are some of the biggest complaint’s consumers have about their homeowner’s insurance?

I you own a home then you have homeowner’s insurance. Most people don’t think about their homeowner’s insurance too much until there is some sort of problem. Here are some of the most common issues that people have about their homeowner’s insurance.

Some people believe it’s too difficult to communicate with their insurance company. Policy holders should have a reasonable expectation of being able to reach their agent or insurance company when they need to. Some of the complaints regarding communication include people having issues reaching their agent or company, not getting return calls, being given incorrect information or not being alerted about important information or changes.

Another big issue with insurance involves the coverage itself. Many people complain that their coverage is not enough for the things they need. Some of the issues policy holders have regarding their coverage include policy holders finding out too late that they didn’t have enough coverage for property damage, coverage levels were too low and there were errors when processing the documents.

One of the more controversial areas of complaint has to do with claims disputes. When discussing claims disputes, customers gave this a very low rating. Homeowners have described situations in which the insurer denied a claim based on “act of God”, plan design, or based on the amount the insurer will pay.

And of course, one of the biggest complaints is about the cost of the insurance. Customers complain about the price of their insurance policy being too high or are unhappy about rate increases. Complaints are also centered around the fact that many people who have had their insurance rate suddenly increase don’t know the cause of the increase. Not knowing the cause of an insurance rate increase leaves many insurance policy holders very frustrated. Customers understand rate increases after filing claims but are less understanding when they have never filed a claim.