We live in an age in which mobility is important, and food trucks prove it. The meal is available for everybody, anytime and anywhere. However, this advantage might bring some risks that are preferable to avoid. For this reason, if you are a food truck business owner, you should have a food truck insurance to keep yourself secure.     

It is important, as the operator of a food truck, to get an insurance policy, especially because some of these policies are required by law. There are different types of truck insurance coverage according to the needs of each kind of truck, too. So, here we will show you the basics of food truck insurance so that you can find the right one for your business.    

What Exactly Is Food Truck Insurance?   

A food truck insurance policy is essential protection for business owners in the mobile food industry. It can help with claims of accidents, foodborne illness, legal fees, etc. You must know that there are several types of policies, which depend on your necessities and legal standards.          

Food Truck Insurance Required by Law   

Commercial vehicle insurance is a requirement to start your mobile food business. Although commercial vehicle insurance is pretty similar to personal car insurance, there are differences.  That’s because commercial vehicles are more exposed to risks and damage than personal autos. The commercial auto policy includes collision coverage when it’s a traffic accident. For non-traffic accidents like fire, theft, or vandalism, you need comprehensive coverage.    

 A commercial vehicle plan also covers medical payments to you and your passenger in case of a traffic accident. Besides, this insurance policy guards you when you’re involved with an uninsured and underinsured motorist.   

Whether you have employees or not, the law requires having a worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance offers medicals bills and legal fees coverage. It’s very common that employees get hurt while they’re working in a food truck. So, slips, falls, burns, and cuts could happen at all times.    

Food Truck Insurance Recommended   

General liability is the most recommended insurance policy after the ones required by law. Due to preparing costumers’ food and the use of a vehicle, food trucks may be dangerous. Customers might get sick because of food poisoning or they could suffer an injury due to a slippery floor. In any case, they could require medical attention that you must pay; they could even file a lawsuit. Besides, general liability plans include property damage to others.    

The commercial vehicle insurance policy doesn’t cover the loss of equipment, though. If you have a collision or someone steals your kitchen items, the only way to recover them is by getting property insurance.