Besides being a state requirement, having car insurance can help you stay protected in case a driving accident happens. Being a safe, responsible driver is more than a suggestion, as accidents can happen at any time, to anyone. However, there are several common habits, behaviors, or simply honest mistakes that can make you accidentally void your car insurance.   

To begin with, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is obviously one of them. Using your car for criminal activities is definitely one of them, too. However, there are more other reasons, more innocent incidents or slips, that could accidentally void your car insurance. This list includes not notifying your insurance company about recent modifications, using your car for ridesharing, and even driving with your pet inside your car could void your insurance too.   

We know that for auto enthusiasts, car modifications are a part of your passion. There is nothing wrong with that. But modifying your car without consulting with your insurance company might result in higher premiums. You could accidentally void your car insurance too. This happens because of two reasons, basically.   

First, the modifications might increase the risk of having an accident. Increasing this risk won’t make your insurance carrier happy. Second, it could increase the risk of theft, which won’t make you happy, either. This is why we should always consult with our policy provider before doing any changes to our car. After all, you are paying for them to protect both you and your vehicle.   

Rideshare platforms like Uber and Cabify have become highly popular during the last couple of years. They provide a safe and convenient transportation alternative (at least most of the time). They have also proven to be an excellent employment alternative that represents significant additional income. In order to join such platforms as a driver, a specific type of insurance is required.   

When you purchase a car insurance policy, you need to inform the company what you will be using the car for. First, you need to let them know if the car is for personal use or business use. There are two types of personal usage, which are leisure, and commuting. If you’re planning to use your car for ridesharing services on the side, you need to inform your company and make sure you also have a business car insurance to protect you during the rideshare hours.   

Many of us can’t live without our furry best friends and bring them along every time we can. Besides, pets in cars are cute and funny. Who doesn’t let a laugh or even a smile go when we see a dog enjoying the feel of wind on its face? Regardless of the cuteness, our insurance company might see bringing our pet while driving a potential risk factor.   

Anything that represents a potential car accident will be frowned upon by any smart insurer. Thus, having our pet in our car without properly securing them could accidentally void our car insurance. When we think about it, a pet could easily distract us while driving, or even get in the way and cause an accident. This is why we need to properly secure them. Otherwise, you and your pet will not be covered in case an accident happened.