Getting a drone can sound like a lot of fun, especially if we are getting one for the very first time. However, we must be aware that drones are not toys, and we should always consider having drone insurance in case we happened to need it. Also, we need to consider what kind of drone we have and how we will use it. Whether we are using our drone for commercial purposes or for recreation only, we shouldn’t disregard getting drone insurance. 

Before purchasing a drone insurance policy, though, we need to consider several aspects that might be helpful. First, we need to determine whether our drone does or doesn’t need insurance. Then, we should see if our homeowner policy can give some coverage. If not, we might have to look for other insurance alternatives elsewhere.   

There are several cases on which drone insurance might come in handy. First of all, someone could steal our drone, or we could damage it or lose it, too. For example, say we go to the beach and decide to bring our drone to get those amazing aerial shots we’ve always wanted to get. Then, some kind of malfunction happens, and we can only see it falling to the sea, unable to rescue it. The same could happen if we go on a camping trip, and our drone gets lost in the woods. Without insurance, we’re left to cover the expenses straight from our own pocket.   

Drone insurance would be of great use in case we happened to damage someone’s property, or even injure someone while using the drone. This type of policy would help us cover the expenses of repairing or replacing the property we damaged. It would also cover the medical expenses of the person we injured, and even litigation charges if they were to sue us.   

We must always keep in mind that every company works in different ways, and coverage might change between insurers. Drone insurance through our homeowner’s policy will depend on the type of usage we are giving it. With most companies, though, damaging or losing our drone could count as personal property reimbursement.  

Again, depending on our policy, we might even get some kind of liability coverage for drone-related damages or injuries. However, if we used our drone to intentionally damage property, hurt some, or even spy on a neighbor, we’re on our own. So, remember to consult with your home insurance company before purchasing a drone.   

There are several companies that are already offering standalone annual insurance for drone and other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Most likely, your current insurance carrier already offers this kind of coverage. So, remember to check with them before doing anything else. We also recommend shopping around for drone insurance with other companies that could be offering lower premiums and special prices.   

There is another option particularly interesting for those occasional drone flyers, too. On-demand insurance for our UAV provides us coverage based on prices-per-hour. This an excellent alternative for those who only use their drone for a couple of hours a week, once or twice per week, and so on.   

Regardless of the use you give to your drone, considering insurance is always a good idea. And asking your insurance companies all the questions you have regarding drone insurance is always the best way to go.