Nowadays, being a responsible driver seems to be getting more complicated than it should be. We often see campaigns that remind motorists of mixing texting or drinking with driving. However, wanting to be a more competent driver and save some money in the process is possible thanks to the defensive driving discount.

Before providing you with coverage, insurance companies see your profile and assign insurance rates and premiums based on the risk you might represent for them. One very effective way of reducing your insurance premiums is by becoming eligible for a defensive driving discount. Before going any further, let’s look at what exactly a defensive driving course is, what benefits it brings, and how we can get a defensive driving discount.

What Is A Defensive Driving Course?

A defensive driving course (DDC for short), also known as traffic school, is a course that aims to help motorists become safe drivers. There are different ways to complete these courses, whether online or on paper. A DDC will cover topics such as traffic laws, basic car maintenance, safety equipment, and crash prevention techniques. These courses also look at the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as driving while fatigued, sleepy, or stressed.

What Are the Benefits of a DDC?

By covering such lessons, DDCs will help you become a responsible, trustworthy driver. However, there are my other advantages of completing a DDC. IF you have a number of speeding tickets, for example, these could be dismissed by attending traffic school. Some states might also encourage the completion of a defensive driving course by removing points from your driving record. Also, if you ever happen to be involved in a hazardous driving situation, the lessons from a DDC could help you avoid an accident.

How Can I Get a Defensive Driving Discount?

If potentially saving your life isn’t enough, traffic school can also make us eligible for a defensive driving discount. Several insurance companies encourage their clients to complete this type of course by offering policy discounts. Depending on your insurance company, you might be eligible for a discount between 5% and 10% on your premium. Before planning your next road trip with your insurance savings, there are some aspects you need to check first.

Step one of the process is contacting the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) division and see if you are eligible for the course. Once you get the green light from them, you can start with the course. The time it takes for completion might vary, so always double-check deadlines. Now that your state has validated your course completion request, you can go to your insurance company.

Remember every company works differently, so ask them if they offer a defensive driving discount or not. While you’re at it, you might want to ask if they offer any other type of discount. Some companies offer accident-free discounts too if we haven’t had an accident in 5 years or more.