We all know what lawyers, engineers and doctors do, but what about notaries? They can play a very important role in our everyday lives, but they are among the professionals whose tasks and mission remain little-known to the general public.

A Guarantee of Trustworthiness

Essentially, notaries offer a guarantee of trustworthiness. They provide assurance that a document is authentic by vouching that the signers are properly identified and that all documents involved are legal.

Considering this, and if we keep in mind that trustworthiness is the glue holding together the fabric of society and rule of law, it’s easy to realize how relevant notaries can be.

By learning more about this essential role you’ll be able to determine what a notary can do, when to seek a notary and the importance of having a notary you can trust.

An Old but Current Profession

Notaries are ministerial officials who adhere to strict regulations. Since their integrity and neutrality is so important, they must be impartial and should receive no personal or financial benefit from the transactions they’re asked to notarize.

While notaries are in high demand nowadays, the profession of notary dates back to Ancient Rome. In fact, the word notary itself comes from notarius, the word used for secretary in Latin, the language spoken in Ancient Rome.

With the rise of mobility, notaries have gained renewed importance during the last couple of decades. People travel more, make more transactions and perform more acts that require the guarantee that only a notary can provide.

What a Notary Can Do

Notarial acts fall into three categories. Acknowledgements are performed on documents controlling or conveying ownership of assets. Jurats are performed on documents that are essential for the operation of the civil and criminal justice systems, such as affidavits and depositions. Finally, certified copies are performed to guarantee that the reproduction of a document is true and complete.

Among the documents a notary can certify there are notarized travel permits, loan modifications, marriages, divorces, transfers or property, transfers of settlement, translations, powers of attorney and evictions.

As you can see, the importance of having a trusted notary cannot be underestimated, since they can play a role in almost every important aspect of our lives. At La Popular Insurance we offer notary services with professionalism and efficiency to satisfy all your needs.

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